35 Years of Reliability & Trustworthiness. Yes, We Buy Scrap Catalytic Converters.

Buying Units Vs. Recycling

Option A:  Buy the Unit

You can sell us the units on a per cost grading basis. We pay you within 24 hours of the load being checked in at our facility. This is the traditional

way of buying your Catalytic Converters.

Option B:  No Fee Recycling program

For a Higher return on your Catalytic Converters, we offer a “No Fee Recycling” program. Here is how our customers are getting more:

The load of Catalytic Converters are sent (under contract with APB & Assoc.) directly to one of many Smelters/Refiners around the

world were they will be refined into the three precious  metals. Upon arrival at the smelter they will be checked in through a counting

and identification process. This will create an approximate refined value. You will be paid an agreed upon percentage (50% or higher)

of the total estimated value within 24 hours. In approximately 30 days the entire load will have been Decanned (if needed) and an Assay

will be made of the entire load. You will then be paid up to 90% (in total) for the load. When the final process of refining takes place,

only then can we know the exact amount of metals produced from the load. At this point, if there is an outstanding balance either to the

plus or the minus, that amount will be paid by either party.


This option pays out a higher rate of return to you because you participate in the full recycling process. The ultimate rate of return is negotiable.


Q: Why does APB pay out more?

A: Simple. You pay NO FEES with us, you keep MORE of the profits!


Q: What do you mean by NO FEES?

A: NO Fees like:


NO Decanning Fees – NO Treatment Fees – NO Sampling Fees – NO Assay Fees


And in most cases (depending on the quantity) we will work with you on the freight cost.


Ask us about the “Metal Leasing” program. You can get the actual metal instead of the

cash, if you wish.


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