35 Years of Reliability & Trustworthiness. Yes, We Buy Scrap Catalytic Converters.

Got Foils? We want them.

We Buy Foil Catalytic Converters.

What are they?

They are Catalytic Converters that do not have ceramic honeycomb. They have a

metal foil inside the can. They appear to be a less expensive type of Catalytic Converter.

However, they do contain precious metals and can be process to remove those metals.


Many buyers shy away from them due to their long metals recovery process. Well,

that to is a problem of the past. We are working on just 30 to 45 days total for processing.

Why wait for 6 months or more to get paid while they travel all the way to Germany when

you can work with us and turn around your money much faster.


Contact us now! The long wait of processing is in the past.

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