35 Years of Reliability & Trustworthiness. Yes, We Buy Scrap Catalytic Converters.

Worldwide Access

We have relationships with Refineries all over the World.

Yes, we buy from Scrap Catalytic Converter sellers all around the world. The question

is, “Do I have to ship all the way to California, U.S.A?” Well, fortunately the answer is

NO. No you don’t have to ship only to one place. We have made arrangements with refineries

in many countries. This is to your benefit. Now, when you contact us  we can make arrangements

for you to ship your load of Scrap Catalytic Converters to places like Italy, The United Kingdom, the

United States and many, many other locations that are closer to you.


The shipping process is easier and in some cases we can reimburse you for the shipping cost

if the load is big enough. Remember, our “No Fees” Recycling program is an international one.

If the conditions are met that means:

NO Decanning Fees – NO Treatment Fees – NO Sampling Fees – NO Assay Fees

And in most cases (depending on the quantity) we will work with you on the freight cost.

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