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Zero Cost Decanning

Why would you pay for Decanning when you can get it done at No cost?

First of all, What is Decanning Catalytic Converters?

The decanning of (ceramic) catalytic converters, containing ceramic honeycomb bricks, implies opening the converter in order to

separate the ceramic brick (or broken brick) from the steel can. This type of operation is mostly done by some form of hydraulic

shear (commonly called “guillotines” in North America; in Europe, the most common process is best described as a modified alligator shear).

Alternative processes include a plasma burner or a disc saw, but the latter two processes are usually limited to small quantities.

Here are some videos:




Many Scrap Catalytic Converter Generators and Collectors (buyers and sellers) feel that to de-can (decanning)

can make them more money by separating the different grades of Catalyst, selling the Stainless steel cans seperately

and shipping the de-canned material directly to the refinery will save on freight costs. At first, it sounds logical. But,

when taking a closer look at the expense of decanning a reasonable person will see that saving money and decanning

just do not add up. Let’s take a look at the expense of decanning Scrap Catalytic Converters.


Before the process of decanning even starts there is the following costs:

a. Decanning Equipment

b. Set up and safety equipment (electrical wiring, guards, dust collecting systems, etc.)

c. Training of equipment operators.

d. Permit and Regulatory fees (City, State, AQMD, OSHA and who knows what else?)


Once decanning begins there are costs as follows:

a. Employee wages and Taxes

b. Insurance expenses (Workers Comp and others)(take a look at the videos, it’s a dangerous job.)

c. Electricity Expense

d. Equipment funding (if it applies)

e. Plenty of square footage (floor space) to Stage, cut and store de-canned material safely.

f. Don’t forget about security for this material. It’s one step closer to being a very valuable precious metal.


Now, it is true that the Freight cost would be less and you could now sell the Stainless steel. But,

unfortunately this does not outweigh all the items listed above (and more misc. costs).


The better option is to work with us and get the benefits of a “Zero Cost Decanning” program.

In fact, you can sell to us on a “Unit” basis or participate in our “No Fees” Recycling program

and eliminate your decanning fees all together.


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